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Finally updating again! :x - A Place For Pagans in DFW TX [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dallas/Ft. Worth Pagans

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Finally updating again! :x [Nov. 9th, 2005|06:04 pm]
Dallas/Ft. Worth Pagans


[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |Afro Celt Soundsystem - Magic and Mayhem]

I've just noticed I actually have a few members here. Welcome to you all. Please tell your friends about this little place, if you have any that would be interested who live in the area. I hope you all had a lovely Samhain. Mine was great. I had a ritual with a few friends in my girlfriend's backyard. Haha. Anyway, merry meet, and blessed be. I hope to see some posts from some of you in the near future, and I hope life is treating you well at the time being. Namaste. :)


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